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Escondito Sprinkler Repair FAQs

Q. Can The Rain Give My Lawn The Water It Needs Without A System?

A. Spring showers will help your lawn get the water it needs, but not consistently, and hot seasons are another matter entirely. Sprinkler systems in Escondido, CA with automatic timers can be set to water your lawn in the morning, so you're conserving water for the rest of the day. Both the environment and your water bill will thank you, and your lawn will be lovelier for it. Sprinklers that are functioning at capacity will ensure that the lawn is watered 6 inches into the root zone without wasting this precious resource. A system that enjoys seasonal inspections will use water efficiently, and prevent the need for sprinkler repair in Escondido, CA down the road.

Q. Is There A Way To Be "Green" And Still Water My Lawn Regularly?

A. Intentional conservation of water for the sake of the environment is absolutely possible, and you won't have to sacrifice your lawn to achieve it. During very hot seasons, sprinklers that run all day waste water. The sun will evaporate a lot of water that falls on the lawn, before it has a chance to truly penetrate the roots. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning when the sun isn't at its brightest, and your lawn can soak up all of the water it needs. Anything beyond that is a waste. Over-watering is restricted in an increasing number of areas.

Q. Should I have my system inspected monthly or seasonally?

Seasonal checkups are a more cost-effective way to go if there aren't any accidents that have caused sprinkler heads and nozzles to break or become misaligned. Seasonal checkups will help you to prevent unnecessary breaks and leaks, and if you ensure your lawn is maintained regularly, it's unlikely you'd need additional repairs each season. Many of our customers choose to have semi-annual inspections: once in the fall to make sure your system is prepared for winter, and once in the spring, to prepare it for Summer's high usage.

Q. Do You Install Underground Systems?

A. We offer installation and replacement of underground systems. Our technicians will come out to your home and find out where your outdoor service taps are located. They'll unscrew the lawn service tap and connect the house service connection. With underground systems, technicians connect the house to the necessary pipes that adjoin the valves which communicate with your automatic timer. These valves help maintain each zone of sprinkler heads that water your lawn.